Feb 3, 2013

Nano [ナノ] - Karakuri Pierrot -english lyric-

Posted by Agiesta Anindya at 3:50 PM
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This is my favorite song from Nano that i love recently, the tittle is Karakuri Pierrot. I looove this song because the music that played in this song sounds good for my ears.
Here we go with the lyric, enjoy ! :D

ナノ -  Karakuri Pierrot

I'm standing here alone
As always all alone
Waiting for you to come
But I know that wouldn’t happen

Passengers walking by
Floating clouds in the sky
I'd better laugh it off
All the things I've done for you

Is it an easy thing to do
Or is it difficult to do
Except the fact that you have gone without me
Then take another step

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